Top Camp

There are six main camping grounds.

Top Camp is the camping ground closest to the action; closest to the Amphitheatre and stage, closest to the food courts, toilets, Pink Flamingo, Eric’s Terrace and The Meredith Eye. Top Camp is also the largest camping ground on the site. It is a massive green field with gentle dips and hills, a few rock piles, trees, ring roads and native planting areas. It is governed by a bluegum crop to the east and pine rows to the south.

Top Camp is so big you should be able to camp well away from your neighbours (if you choose to). It is divided into suburbs – Ringwood, Eltham, Hong Kong Island, etc. – so you can find your tent easily enough. The native plantings – gums, acacias, she-oaks – have thrived since they were put in a few years ago, so there’s more greenery and windbreaks up there.

All campgrounds are close to toilets, drinking water, security and Helpers.