Travel Times

The Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre is about 110 minutes drive from Naarm/Melbourne CBD in light traffic. On the first day you can expect steady traffic with some delays – here is a guide to travel times to your campsite on that day.

  • Naarm/Melbourne CBD to campsite – 3 hours
  • Melbourne airport to campsite – 3 hours
  • Avalon airport to campsite – 2 hours
  • Geelong to campsite – 1.5 hours
  • Ballarat to campsite – 1.5 hours

Be extra careful driving on country, rural and unfamiliar roads. Follow these Directions rather than taking back roads and/or following GPS directions, which ain’t always the best way. Some helpful tips here. Plan rest breaks if tired and watch for wildlife.

If bringing an electric vehicle, there is now a charging station in Meredith town. Information and locations for EV charging can be found here.