Buying or Selling Your Ticket

In 2013 we introduced Aunty’s Ticket Re-sale Service to provide legitimate sellers and buyers with a trustworthy and reliable way of putting tickets in the hands of those who are keen to attend. It also helps prevent scammers from selling tickets at inflated prices via unauthorised means. Aunty’s Re-sale Service is the only authorised re-sale facility. Don’t let your tickets get into the hands of Dickheads. The re-sale service comes into effect once tickets have sold out and closes 14 days prior to the festival.

Offering a Ticket?

If you purchase tickets to Golden Plains and your circumstances change and you can no longer attend, please contact Aunty.

When emailing Aunty, please advise:

  • the ticket number/s you’d like to return (the number printed on the wristband)
  • the name and email address of the original purchaser (if that’s not you, please cc them into the email)
  • whether you would prefer to return the ticket/s via express post, or hand deliver to a Fitzroy address

Note that this is not a refund service, as tickets are non-refundable, which means in the event that there are insufficient people on Aunty’s Golden Waitlist, you will not be able to return your ticket/s.

In addition, we are unable to refund your booking fee. If we have begun packing tickets, or your tickets have already been posted, there is also a $5 re-sale processing fee per ticket.

Aunty’s Ticket Re-sale Service closes 14 days prior to gates open.

Wanting a Ticket?

Applications to join Aunty’s Golden Waitlist are now open.


Please keep in mind that you need to be a current subscriber and you are only able to apply for up to two tickets.

To sell any returned tickets, Aunty will contact people on the waitlist and check that they are still looking for a ticket. Assuming this is the case, the new buyer will be given a code and 48 hours to make their purchase. Your tickets will then be posted out in February.

Please be warned

We have introduced this service due to the dramatic rise in the number of people who were being scammed using unauthorised re-sale methods. If you are considering buying a ticket from someone on ebay or Gumtree (or the like), please be very careful and approach any transactions with extreme caution. The safest option is always to buy your ticket directly from us – either via The Ballot, Online Sales or via Aunty’s Ticket Re-sale Service.

Golden Plains is subject to a major event ticketing declaration under Part 9A of the Major Events Act 2009. This means it is an offence to sell, advertise or offer to resell a ticket for more than 10% above its face value purchase price ($406). Offenders face fines of between $826 and $495,660 depending on the nature of the offence.

Ticket holders are welcome to pass on their ticket if they wish to, preferably via Aunty’s Re-sale Service. Alternately, if you bought a ticket and can no longer attend, you can sell your ticket to a friend, as long as you do not sell it for more than 10% above its face value purchase price. Please don’t let a ticket get into the hands of a Dickhead.

Look after each ticket in your order

You are responsible for all the tickets in your order, even if they are no longer in your possession. For example, if you buy three tickets and give one to a friend of a friend and that person sells it (or attempts to sell it) for 10% more than the face value purchase price, that ticket is still associated with you on our database. You are still responsible for all the tickets in your order.

Please note: Golden Codes (ballot codes) are strictly not for sale and any codes bought or sold will be null and void.

This information is one of our policies and forms part of our terms and conditions.