Reception is near the entrance where you and your vehicle are checked in for your stay with us. Reception is open 24 hours.

Our volunteers and concierge will be on hand to greet you, hand you a program with playing times, site map, etc. some rubbish and recycling bags for your campsite, and Get You On Your Way.

Little Golden Booklet and this website will have every piece of info you’ll need to know, then once you’re in, Helper Hut Central will help with any further enquiries.

At Reception your wristband will be electronically scanned to ensure it is valid. Have it on from Meredith Town at the latest and be prepared to pop the boot and open any coolers, etc. Your vehicle will be searched for glass and other banned items.

If you don’t have a valid wristband you will be treated as a Trespasser, and, as a result, subject to things like court appearances and fines. Any vehicle hiding a Trespasser will have ALL occupants banned from entering, whether they have valid wristbands or not. Don’t help a Trespasser or you’ll be having a boring weekend at home.

If you need a passout over the weekend, make sure you stop at Reception to get your wristband scanned as you exit. Thanks for coming.