Meredith Town

Meredith the town is about 13kms from the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre. It has two pubs, a cafe, a servo and a General Store, amongst a few other going concerns, like a rural supplies store, doctor’s office and a golf course.

There was once a short-lived hospital, a lapidary club and a football club, who last won the flag with a one-point victory over Sebastopol in 1961. The club even had a women’s team who took on archrival Inverleigh in 1972.

To get to The Sup’ from town, turn off the Midland Highway at the Royal Hotel (Staughton Street), go past The Meredith Hotel on your left, cross over the railway tracks, and keep going until you get to the corner of Nolan Road. That’s about it just on your left there.

Some interesting (and not-so-interesting) facts:

  • Half a mile from the railway station there used to be a butter factory which opened in 1891 – “the Meredith Creamery and Butter factory”.
  • The Meredith Corner Store was built to house the Post Office around 1900.
  • In a raffle organised by Miss Irene Mooney for the Meredith “Queen Carnival” of 1917, you could win a silver-mounted pipe, a case of grapes, a fat lamb and/or pig, gold cuff links, or a pair of boots made to order.
  • Meredith was known as Watsons because William Watson had “The Golden Fleece Hotel” on the road between Geelong and Ballarat.
  • Most local residents are known to put their left foot into their pants before their right when dressing. Although it remains a contentious issue.

On your way through, why not consider dropping into one of the following local Meredith establishments:

Back Creek Cafe

Cnr Staughton Street and the Midland Highway. Breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake. Run by Year 9s from a school that has a farm not far from Meredith, and where much of the food served from the cafe is grown.

The Meredith Hotel (The “Top Pub”)

51 Staughton Street. Meals, cigarettes, ice and the bottleshop.

Meredith Corner Store

Cnr Staughton Street and Midland Highway. The Meredith Corner Store offers takeaway food, groceries, cigarettes, magazines, flavoured milk and a post office.

The Royal Hotel (The “Bottom Pub”)

Cnr Staughton Street and Midland Highway. Meals, cigarettes, ice and alcohol.

Meredith Roadhouse

Midland Highway between Wilson Street and Staughton Street. The Roadhouse has the perfect Bain Marie for eating away any post-Sup’ blues, as well as petrol, ice and snacks.


4350 Midland Highway. See Patrick and Helen for a wide range of farm and hobby-based merchandise.

During the Victorian bushfire season (November to April) it is important to follow this bushfire safety advice, to keep yourself out of any trouble.