The Ballot

The Subscriber Ticket Ballot for Golden Plains will open in late-September.

There are two rounds of the Ballot, one around mid-October, and another a week later. You only have to enter once. The First Round is available only to existing Subscribers; the Second Round is open to new Subscribers as well as existing Subscribers.

Any Subscribers not drawn in the first round are automatically entered into the second round ballot.

If you have a Golden Code and wish to purchase tickets during the Ballot, please visit the Supernatural Ticket Centre.

More About The Ballot

The Subscriber Ticket Ballot has been used since 2007 to get tickets into the hands of subscribers in an equitable and stress-free manner. The ballot is simple, fair and efficient. It’s done online and via email.

These are the steps to take:

1. Enter the Ballot before it closes.

2. You will be notified via email by Aunty Meredith if you were or were not drawn in the Ballot. Two rounds of offers will be made.

3. If drawn in the Ballot, you will be emailed a unique alpha-numeric code (a “Golden Code”), which you can use to make your purchase within our secure Supernatural Ticket Centre during a 6 or 7 day period, or until the Ballot Allocation runs out (which is unlikely but statistically possible). You may purchase up to 4 tickets (Visa & Mastercard only), which will then be sent out to you at a later date.

If you are not drawn in the Ballot, do not despair, as there are further allocations of tickets to go on sale.

The Ballot Entry Process

Once ballot entries close, all entries go into a ballot pool, from which a number are randomly drawn until the allocation is exhausted.

If you are drawn in the Ballot, you will be emailed a “Golden Code”, which you can then use in the Supernatural Ticket Centre to secure your tickets. No rush. No fuss. No stress. No competing with the rest of Australia for tickets. Each “Golden Code” can only be used once.

Subscribers who enter the Ballot will know whether or not they have been drawn before later allocations go on sale.

If you are a longterm subscriber and have recently changed your email address, please follow the instructions here, so that your Ballot history is maintained.