Ticket Info

Tickets are now all sold out. Thank you to everyone who will be part of it, and also to those who tried to score tickets but did not.

For those seeking spare tickets, Aunty’s Golden Waitlist is now open.

Each year the majority of tickets to Golden Plains are available via The Subscriber Ticket Ballot. The Subscriber Ticket Ballot has closed for Golden Plains XII.

After the Ballot is done and dusted, there are Store Sales, then Online Sales.

Click a topic from the list on the right there for All Topics Ticketing.

Tickets purchased Online or in the Ballot are sent out from the first week of February. That usually results in a few spares changing hands so if you are still without tickets keep an ear and eye out then.

Only one type of ticket is sold and it gets you Saturday morning to Monday lunchtime at the event. Tickets are in the form of wristbands once again this year.

A small amount of tickets are made available each year via Aunty’s Last Golden Chance. Applications are open for a very short time.