Ticket Dates

The majority of tickets to Golden Plains are available via the Subscriber Ticket Ballot.

There are two rounds (draws) of the Ballot. The First Round is available only to existing Subscribers; the Second Round is open to new Subscribers as well as existing Subscribers.

After the Ballot is done and dusted, there are Online Sales, then Aunty’s Last Golden Chance.

The Ballot

If you are already a Golden Plains Subscriber, enter the ballot before 10:16pm on Monday 16 October.

If you are not a Subscriber, enter the Ballot before 10:16pm on Monday 23 October to become one and enter the ballot. It’s free and easy.

If you are a longterm subscriber and have recently changed your email address, please follow the instructions here so that your history is maintained. It’s important that your ballot history is consolidated and stored on one primary subscriber account.

Ballot Results

There are two rounds of the ballot; one around mid-October, and another a week later. You only have to enter once. Any Subscribers not drawn in the first round are automatically entered into the second round ballot.

Online Sales

Open to all comers on Wednesday 1 November at 11am.

Aunty’s Last Golden Chance

Designed for long-time Golden Plainers who missed out, this allocation opens in early January.