Uncle Doug has built two permanent, excellent shower facilities (including 20 odd more in the lead up to Meredith 2023). One is next to the Pink Flamingo (on the Bush Camp side) and the other is on the other side of the Amphi, right up the back. They are completely private, sheltered, eco-friendly installations, and provide steaming hot water from lo-flo yet good pressure shower heads. The shower facilities are clean as a whistle and have many terrific and user-friendly features. They are open 24 hours and cost $3 for each 3 minutes of use. Our attendants are on hand to provide biodegradable soap which helps the waste water re-enter the Earth with a minimum of fuss.

There’s also an open-air FREE dousing shower next to the permanent showers near the Pink Flamingo – due to their popularity, we’ve added more over the last couple of years.

Good on you Uncle Doug, you wily old faux-plumber.