Booze and Drug Bus

Getting home is part of going. We want you and everyone else who comes to the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre to get here and back safely. We also want you to avoid trouble with the police.

Every year there are Booze & Drug Buses, as well as highway patrol cars, operating on the roads either to or from the Supernatural Amphitheatre, and sometimes both. We do not condone the use of illicit drugs and, quite frankly, consider driving under the influence to be a clear infringement of the No Dickhead Policy.

Your best option is to avoid driving altogether. Charter your own bus, take the Supernatural Express, or ask (very kindly and with twinkling eyes) someone to drop you off and pick you up. If that can’t be arranged, designate a driver well before you arrive.

For those of you who are driving and have imbibed over the course of the weekend, free breath-testing will be available next to the Ferris Wheel throughout the weekend and from 3 different satellite locations on the last day (details in the program).

You may also access drug testing for drivers at the site next to the Ferris Wheel. Please be aware that whilst breath-testing is free, a drug test incurs a cost.

You can also find out more information about drink and drug driving at your nearest Helper Hut, or via the Australian Drug Foundation website.

As a last resort, you may now cloak your car on the last day.

Many thanks for your solid behaviour here.