MARCH 11, 12 & 13, 2017

Banned Items

These items are banned at the festival:

GLASS – bottles, containers and jars of any kind – all glass will be confiscated and we are no longer able to return confiscated items.

FIRES – TOTAL FIRE BAN ALL DAY AND NIGHT – no campfires, firesticks, fireworks, or flares. Not even a candle.

GAS – bottles and/or hot cooking equipment, eg. BBQs, camp stoves, triangas, nitrous bulbs & equipment, gas lanterns.

Market stalls or selling items of any kind.

Commercial signage

Drones, robot aircraft


BYO Toilets and dumping of waste of any kind.


* Raised couches, chairs on stilts, stools – nothing over normal sitting chair height. (OK in the campgrounds)

* Things on sticks or poles – flags, banners, mascots, etc. (OK in the campgrounds)

* Pergolas, shade tents, tarp structures. (OK in the campgrounds)

Stereos in campsites that go above “quiet personal listening” level.


Weapons of any kind (we don’t actually need to list that do we?)

Animals. Combining pets and music rarely ends well, unless you’re George Clinton.

No offensive signage, slogans (including any on vehicles), clothing, costumes.

Kegs – kegs that require a gas cylinder are not allowed. Kegs with a consumable amount of provisions that do not require a gas cylinder are permitted in campgrounds but are not in the Amphitheatre.

Cameras with detachable lenses (without written approval from Aunty).


Bean bags (cos when they break it’s not great)


This information is one of our festival policies and forms part of our terms and conditions.