Requests for Images or Footage 

Please visit the following links for footage, logos, press shots and archival images. We ask that you please credit the photographers listed alongside each image.

 * Logos, Press Shots
 * Aunty’s YouTube Channel
 * Archival Images

If you require photographs or footage for commercial purposes, please contact Aunty Meredith to discuss. 

Media Review and Photographer Passes

Media review and photographer passes have been allocated for this season. If you are interested in covering either Meredith or Golden Plains in the future, please email through an expression of interest outlining the following:

  • a little info about or description of your publication/station/website and how it relates to Meredith and Golden Plains
  • any website stats, newsletter subscriber figures, circulation and readership numbers, love letters, Nobel Prizes, etc

Staff Photographers

If you’re interested in joining the Meredith and Golden Plains staff photography team, please email Aunty with about ten photos that best represent your style. Links or low res files only please. We’d like to keep your details on file in case we are looking for new photographers in the future.

Interview or Feature Requests

Aunty Meredith and the organisers aren’t able to accommodate interview requests, but do thank you kindly for your interest.

If you are seeking an artist interview, please contact us.

Sponsorship or Promotional Requests

Meredith and Golden Plains do not have promotional partnerships or commercial sponsors, nor is there any commercial signage on-site.

For all other media enquiries please contact us.