Toucan Bar

Like many bulwarks against tedium, Golden Plains has bars where alcohol is served, including the Pink FlamingoEric’s Terrace and the Electric Possum Bar. Unlike most bulwarks against tedium, Golden Plains is BYO.

You may BYO, as long as drinks are consumed responsibly and NO GLASS CONTAINERS of any kind are brought on site. Be aware that car searches do take place at Reception upon entry to the festival and any glass is then confiscated without being replaced.

If you didn’t BYO, or need a top up, the Toucan Bar can look after you. It is situated at the top of the Amphitheatre and is open at the following convenient (approximate) times:

Saturday: 12:30pm – 4:30am
Sunday: 10am – 6:30am
Monday: closed

Golden Plains strongly supports the responsible consumption of alcohol. In order to gain access to the licensed areas you’ll need photo ID.