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The Subscriber Ticket Ballot for Golden Plains 2021 will open in late-September.

As is usual, the great majority of tickets to Golden Plains will be available via the Subscriber Ticket Ballot, before they go on public sale. For your best chance to secure tickets, click on the right link for you:

Already a Subscriber?

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before 10:14pm Tuesday 22 October (to request your personalised subscriber link to go into the second round of the Ballot).


Not yet a Subscriber?

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before 10:14pm Tuesday 22 October (to be in the second round of the Ballot).


There are two rounds (draws) of the Ballot. The First Round is available only to existing Subscribers; the Second Round is open to new Subscribers as well as existing Subscribers. You only have to enter once.

Two rounds of ticket offers are made via email to successful applicants; one around mid-October and then another a week later. Any Subscribers who are unsuccessful in the first round are automatically entered into the second round ballot. It’s simpler than it sounds, just pick a link above and go for it. It’s free and easy and quick.

After the Ballot is done and dusted, there will be Online Sales, then Aunty’s Last Golden Chance.

Tickets will be in the form of wristbands again this year. There is only one type of ticket available, which gets you in from Saturday morning through to Monday lunchtime. Which means everyone can come for the full weekend.

Every ticket helps regional organisations do great things in the district.

Complete Ticket System Details

Can be viewed here.