MARCH 11, 12 & 13, 2017

Who’s Playing?

The Sound of Now, Then and Forever.

The first artist announced for GPXI is Neil Finn.


Time for some magic realism.

One of the most wonderful songwriters in the history of music and one of the most talented humans walking this Earth will take to the stage for a rare and very special performance, under a Full Moon at GPXI.

From his time in the incredible Split Enz, and of course Crowded House, through several acclaimed solo albums (discover the magnificent Dizzy Heights), the two 7 Worlds Collide projects, Neil Finn has written some of the world’s favourite songs: Don’t Dream It’s Over, Better Be Home Soon, One Step Ahead, Message To My Girl, I Got You, Distant Sun, Fall At Your Feet, Into Temptation, Weather With You, History Never Repeats, Private Universe, Four Seasons In One Day, Locked Out, Sinner, She Will Have Her Way, World Where You Live, Now We’re Getting Somewhere, Something So Strong, It’s Only Natural, When You Come, Mean To Me, etc etc…I could go on and on and on.

Neil’s songs strike a chord that resonates within the human condition. If you wanted someone to write a ballad for the world he’d be high on the go-to list. His songs just seem like they are part of you. They can be beautiful, bittersweet and melancholy at times, then glorious, raucous and triumphant at others.

Paul McCartney, when accepting an award for ‘Greatest Living Songwriter’, famously said “I think you mean Neil Finn”. When Elvis Costello was asked which song wished he had written, that he didn’t, he named Into Temptation.

Many of us know how special it was last time in The Sup’, just Neil and a guitar and the sunset and a chorus of humans joining in. That’s now seven years ago. So it’s time.

Graciously accepting our invitation to perform solo with maybe just a guest or two on the night, this will no doubt be sublimely wonderful as the sun sets on the Nolan Farm in March.