GPX­ — MARCH­ 12-14­ 2016

Who’s Playing?

The Sound of Now, Then and Forever.

And for the first time anywhere for six years, the Sound of EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING:


Yes. It’s true, it’s happening. For the first time in six years, Eddy Current will perform a show.

That in itself is the most fantastic news. That it will be in The Supernatural Amphitheatre, the scene of previous triumphs, for the Tenth Birthday of Golden Plains, ten years to the day after they played the first ever Golden Plains is just….well, it’s perfect.

There’s nothing like Eddy Current Suppression Ring. They would be the most-loved Melbourne band of the last decade or so. They became a band when Mikey and his brother Danny were mucking around at a work Xmas party and encouraged co-worker Brendan into singing impromptu into a tape recorder. Rob Solid joined on bass and they were a band. They went from local legends to national and international treasures pretty quickly, and without changing a thing. They were selective about what they did and didn’t do; they trusted their instincts.

They rarely played, toured even less, and at some point just stopped playing live.

Their influence on the garage rock underground has been huge, not just locally but across the world.

Their influence on people just thoroughly enjoying themselves is also immense.

This is what we said about them when they were booked to open Meredith 2005:

There’s a great Australian tradition of small club / pub rock and roll bands. Bands that don’t come into being simply in order to ‘make it to the top’ or even have a ‘career’. Bands that do it because they can’t not do it. The very best of these have something wild and mercurial about them, some powerful element that takes them beyond…beyond standard, beyond their peers, beyond reasoning. It becomes fathomless. When one of those bands form, then plays for a few years, then really starts hitting their straps…well, that’s something to see. Pure, unbridled, skilful, nebulous rock and roll. Four people on the same wavelength, all antennae tuned fine to the fuse as it works its way inevitably towards explosion. This band is just so unbelievably, unpredictably good. Love ‘em.

Their first album was “recorded and mixed at Caulfield Rehearsal Studios on February 25th 2006 between 11am – 3pm.” There’s no frills, there’s nothing superfluous about their whole operation. But when the basic ingredients are so incredibly perfect, why add anything?

Which Way To Go, Colour Television, Get Up Morning, Insufficient Funds, so much more.

Nothing says Good Times like Eddy Current in The Sup’. Remember that time Brendan parted the seas and the people just let him wander out there, and be amongst us, and do his thing, as the band superbly built Precious Rose? That was so special.

The band have said this is a “one off” for now, but would prefer to avoid bold declarations on their future. Of course, their final show six years ago was never billed as a final show. It’s just taken them six years to want to play another.

Eddy Current at Golden Plains 10th Birthday is the perfect gift for everyone, including the people that have everything and are hard to buy presents for. Plus everyone else as well.

We’re so honoured to have them play again – anywhere – but especially out Here.